Excited Greyness

Greyhounds are usually not that active.  Actually, hardly ever.  They really do rest and sleep 20+ hours of the day.  Greys are variable regarding their personalities and activity levels, but generally speaking they are quite low key.  Especially our girl, Ellie–she’s at the low-end of active level.

Thus said, we find it a treat to see her excited.  It’s such a rarity to see our grey (somewhat) eager and playful.


6 thoughts on “Excited Greyness

    • Oh, I always love to introducing our dog to anyone who’s willing. Though, I’ll let you know, she’s not really playful. Rather, she’s more like a composed and calm lady who can put up with lots of fussing from others. 🙂

      You should get Alex a doggie!

      • Alex like the calmer dogs. So they’ll get along fine.

        She keeps asking me for a puppy, but we have people who are allergic in our househould. 😦

  1. Perfect. Seriously, if you’re ever in the area with your girl and want to see Ellie, just let me know.

    I’m allergic to cats thus far…I hope it doesn’t extend to dogs ever.

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