Little Blackbird, Fly

Have you ever heard of the twin lens reflex camera, blackbird, fly?  Yeah, I hadn’t either. Until my brother gave me one.

blackbird, fly camera, pt.2blackbird, fly camera, pt.

Pretty, huh? What makes it affordable is that it’s completely made out of plastic (except maybe a lens or two). Also, it uses 3mm film, something that’s still easy to find today even within our advanced digital camera age.

blackbird, fly introCheck out the site for more information.

I love it’s concept and how it looks. Especially the reflex viewfinder mirrors:

blackbird, fly camera, pt.4
blackbird, fly camera, pt.5

I don’t really have much to say for this post…other than that I should get out and take more pictures with this sweet little camera.

bbf - backyard treesbbf - weed in garden

bbf - summer sun on carbbf - backyard tree


2 thoughts on “Little Blackbird, Fly

    • Yes! I love how most of the pictures come out. As for the ones I don’t, I think I just need to get a better feel for what kind of exposure I should use for whatever light there is.

      There’s something satisfying about taking pictures with film again. The photos just look more…deep than digital ones.

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