Mission Possible: Vegan Deliciousness

About a year ago, the hubs and I were given a book, The China Study. After reading it, we decided, among other things, to be more careful about our intake of animal products and choose to go pseudo-vegan.

Before you get your panties in a twist about that not being true veganism, I’ll say that I agree with you. For us, it’s an idea, a concept that we want to follow more for our health rather than the practically militant attitude others have regarding their choice of veganism (i.e. animal cruelty, etc). Thus said, we decided to be vegans at home because that’s where it’s the easiest. How is it easy? Well, if you don’t buy the cheese/eggs/yogurt/etc that you’re craving, then you have no other choice for things to eat when you get home! It sucks, but what else is there to say–it works. We know it’s more difficult to be vegan when we eat out or at someone’s house, so we decided to let our eating habits slide a wee bit during those times, especially since they’re not very often to begin with. Now a year later, we have drifted off and back on course since then, but we still both agree with the initial idea of having less animal products (meat and otherwise) in our diet.

Since that fateful reading of the above book, we’ve been keeping our eyes open for ways to be vegan and still enjoy foods.


I’ve definitely found a couple of books that are fabulous and don’t make you miss a thing when it comes to sweets.

First there was Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. Delicious! And baking goodies! It was something I’d never really gotten into (baking, that is) but wanted to do more and more of it because I just couldn’t believe how un-vegan like these cupcakes were tasting. I even became so ambitious that I made a layered cake (my first ever!) for the hubby’s birthday. Behold:

birthday cake, pt.2

birthday cake, pt.4

birthday cake, pt.6

Next time it’s gonna be a three-layered sucker. YUM.

More recently, I noticed the the same authors came out with another book, Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. After seeing a friend of mine ruthlessly go through the book and bake cookie after cookie after cookie (I’m not kidding), I finally caved and bought it when at a bookstore. Well, there’s no turning back now because this one’s a keeper, too. I was excited when I started flipping through it because I had the majority of the ingredients already in our kitchen and could start baking right away. Now, I’m not a big chocolate person, but these chocolate fudgy oatmeal cookies were calling out my name:

choco fudge oatmeal, pt.3

choco fudge oatmeal, pt.2

I’ll just say that this batch was gone in about 24 hours.

People are always flabbergasted when I tell them that I’ve made vegan cupcakes/cakes and cookies that are delicious. I really don’t know why, though. I do suspect it’s because they think all the fatty and sugary goodness has been sucked out of them and that the end product will just end up tasting like cardboard (which is quite possible when one is trying to make something vegan and healthy). In the case of these two books, all the animal products have been replaced with plant ones. That doesn’t mean there isn’t anymore of the good tasting fat and sugar that is necessary for making baked desserts delectable–for the most part, there’s still plenty of it.

Verdict? If you want to see if being vegan can still be sinfully tasteful, it is quite possible. If you want to be healthy and vegan, then you may want to limit your servings of these cupcakes and cookies.

As in, don’t eat the whole batch within 24 hours.


3 thoughts on “Mission Possible: Vegan Deliciousness

    • All you have to do is get these books and you will be pleased. In the case of cookies and cupcakes, I promise you won’t be missing your butter, eggs, and milk. 🙂

      I suppose I could post a recipe from one of the books sometime as long as I give credit, right…?

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