I’ll take a lucky charm, please.

I knew it was coming.

I got hit by a big mess up in lab today and had to do something over again. Ugh, such bad luck.

I won’t go into the details, but one of the casualties of the evening was the glue.

super glue

I’ve never had super glue on my hands before. And so much of it–! (The picture doesn’t show everything, promise.) What a strange sensation it is to touch yet not feel what you’re touching. For a while there, I was in danger of getting my fingers stuck together, or onto the deck paper, or to my lab jacket, or…whatever else I was trying to grasp in order to get it off.

Later in lab, I screwed up and thought a wet mix of stone had already set up and hardened enough to take it out of it’s container. Oh no, not so. I put a huge crack through an important part of it then quickly scrambled to crumble off the rest before it became too hard to fix. After I mixed up more wet stone and was waiting for it to set, I decided to prevent the temptation of potential disaster again of removing the stone too early.

How so? I buffed my nails.

There are these spinning lathes in the back of the room that you can put a cloth rag disk on and have it spin stuff onto something you want to get shiny. Last week, I was reminded again that if you’re not careful, it can shine your fingernails really well. This time, I actually did it on purpose: I put wet pumice on the rag wheel, buffed my nails with that, then put dry tripoli (a shining agent) on the wheel that did a fabulous job. See?

shiny nails

Some things in dental school do come in handy after all.


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