Pardon me, but I’ve been quite MIA recently. In school, we’re getting down to crunch time; final exams are next week. I’ve been studying just about every night for the past week and a half (not to mention also all the other weeks before that) and there is still another week to go. My brain circuits feel full and bursting at the seams. It’s seemingly impossible to stuff more in though I know I’ll do so.

Through it all, there is one lovely perk that happened today: I had my LAST lecture of oral pathology! Ever!

The scary part? I’m now responsible for regularly recognizing oral, head, and neck lesions/pathology in all my patients. Gulp.

Today, I had my first ever patient that is completely under my dental care. (Well, I was lucky to technically have my husband as my first patient, but that doesn’t really count because he was essentially telling me everything to do since I was so thoroughly lost.) If you ever want to feel very much incompetent, then place another human being’s health in your care. In retrospect, I think he had leukoedema, a completely benign condition that’s a merely variation of normal oral tissue (it’s like how some people have attached ear lobes and others don’t). I should have charted it but completely forgot about it until now.

Hmm. This patient thing is going to have such a steep learning curve.

Anyway. Other than the stresses of having my first patients, trying to fake that I know exactly what I’m doing and show confidence about it, and my upcoming finals, let me just show you were I would like to be:

hawaiian afternoon

Lovely, no?

This is what I’ll be thinking of over the course of this next week. When under stress, having somewhere to mentally escape to is always a good idea.


4 thoughts on “M.I.A.

  1. I also had my wife as the first patient of mine. She is not the one who knows the things I have to do though, it was also a little bit embarrassing when I showed her my incompetencies constantly. Liz, you are so lucky b’cause you have a perfect spouse for a dental student, especially for D2. The one who had been through everything you are getting through now, and who knows how you are feeling about every aspect of dentistry. How perfect!

    • You’re right, it is embarrassing to have one’s significant other see how little you know. Though, I’ll admit, I am quite lucky to have had a patient that also knew what to tell me to do! He’s been great so far for little tips and tricks for getting along on clinic…but I think his words of wisdom will make more sense after I’ve been through the process a few more times.

    • It’s actually from Kailua-Kona, the big island. We went there last September. Completely different from Kauai (which we still like better) but still plenty worth seeing.

      We miss that lovely state, too. I wouldn’t mind retiring there…at an early age…

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