Winter Finals: Day 1

Set alarm to wake up at 8 am. When it when off, changed it to 8:30.

Finally rolled out of bed at 8:45.

Stumbled over to the couch, opened up my laptop, and stared at the screen for a couple minutes. Eventually opened up my periodontics notes to cram in a few last things before the test at 10 am.

Ended up on Facebook for a few minutes. Ended up being on Facebook for more like 20 minutes.

Realized it was 9 am and now only had 20 minutes to cram for my perio exam. Went past 20 minutes and crammed until 9:30.

Brushed my teeth, put on make-up, quickly curled my hair. Jumped on my bike and rode the less-than-5-minutes to school.

Sat down in a chair at 9:55. Periodontics exam began at 10:05. Mentally scratched my head for a lot of the questions in the first half of the test; breezed through the rest. Don’t really care what my grade ends up being–I’ll pass the class. (Pick your battles wisely; you win some, you lose some.)

Replaced some teeth on my typodont (a fake mouth with plastic teeth) to prepare for the afternoon’s fixed prosthodontics lab final, part 1. (Yes, part 2 will take place on Wednesday.) Made two putty keys (aka rubber molds) of the teeth I would be drilling on later. (When I cut the teeth, I can then put the sectioned putty key over it and can measure how many millimeters I actually had cut away and can adjust accordingly.)

Ran over to the hospital and grabbed not-so-vegan food for an early lunch, especially since I didn’t have breakfast. Inhaled it.

Went back to the lab to set up for the exam.

At 1:05 pm, finally was given the okay to start drilling. Finished cutting/doing preparations of teeth numbers 6 & 8 by 3:05 pm. Fuddled around for the next two hours making a temporary bridge to go over the prepped teeth and replace the missing tooth in between them. Had a hard time getting that stupid interproximal contact of the distal of #6 (upper right canine). Gave up and turned in all materials to be received again at part 2 of this lab exam.

Biked home. Let the dog out. Picked some oranges off the tree with our neighbor’s kindly donated fruit picker that is insanely long.

Went back inside and immediately devoured two of them that were still warm from the afternoon sun. Nibbled on some chips. Drank the rest of my Naked juice left over from lunch.

Got on Facebook for a few minutes. Eventually realized that it was now 20 minutes later.

Opened up a diagnostic procedures lecture to quickly go over before my study partner Jen arrives. Ended up opening my blog account.

And here I am, still typing away 30 minutes later. I’m just trying to waste more time because I’m looking for every excuse to stop studying.

Guess I can’t put it off any longer.


4 thoughts on “Winter Finals: Day 1

  1. I hope you do not check this reply until oral path part I is done. If you checked this reply tonight (Monday night), know that there is no more excuse to stop studying. Stop blogging and Facebooking and go to study! I know, Facebook is evil, and I have been attending school (or schools) so long (10 years?) that I really do not want to study anymore; however, we have two more years, at least. Sad.

    • Aahaha…oh, Dongjin, don’t worry about me. Jen promptly showed up right after I hit the post button and we studied until midnight, I think.

      Yeah, FB can be evil, but I use it a little differently than most (for example, I stay completely away from all games) so I find it a great way to let my mind take a short break in between hours of studying. And you’re right–including my undergrad years, I have now had college education for 10 years now, too! So sad. Can’t wait until 2012!

  2. With Twitter and blogging, I find Facebook is a total time sucker. Most of my closest friends either talk to me or have blogs, so I find it useless to visit Facebook for people I only marginally feel like keeping in touch with.

    Is that mean?

    How are you doing?? You sound busy and incredibly stressed… or just busy.

    I love that you still curl your hair and put on make up, though. Too cute.

    • Heh, no, that’s not mean. I guess one of the main reasons I’m on it is to see what distant family is up to and to get a feel/see what my classmates (all 100 of them) are griping about now. Once I’m done with school, I’m not sure if I’ll be on it that much…!

      One of the biggest tests of the quarter is over now…so I’m doing much better now. Life is busy, what can I say!

      Though no matter how busy it is, there’s always time for a wee bit of make up and decent hair. 🙂

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