Break time

Final exams are over!

I was thinking about writing something fun, witty, exciting or interesting to read, but I can’t come up with anything. My brain cells are crying out to me and saying they want a rest. No creative writing, please…not just yet, Elizabeth. Okay, I’ll oblige. How about I just rattle on for a little bit?

ready to go

Yesterday was a long day with three exams planned. Our first exam for a class called “Clinic Orientation” was easy, especially because: it was an open-notes exam, there were only 41 questions, and that it’s a pass-fail class. On the other hand, it was a little annoying because we all wanted to study for the next test, another of our big ones, something known as oral pathology.

lab final preps, pt.1lab final preps, pt.3

We already had one oral path final on Tuesday; it was the written format. This path exam that we had yesterday was the clinical portion. Both were two hours long. What’s the difference? The written was the traditional multiple choice test (150 questions!) to see how well you know the material. The clinical exam (105 questions!) was to see if you could apply what you learned to what you are shown on a slide. Most of this test were multiple choice questions based on an image you’re shown; the rest were fill-in-the-blank, let’s-name-this-disease/lesion/make a differential diagnosis. The latter part is much more scary to me because that’s what I’ll be expect to do with patients: if you see something, you should be able to come up with what it is or at least have a few good guesses of what it should be.

lab final, rough temporarylab final, finished temporary

Usually at the start of the quarter, I put the entire schedule of classes into my computer’s calendar. This is lovely for me because I can visually see what to expect and I can start mentally preparing myself for whatever challenge that comes up.

This quarter, I failed to do this. By not having the usual schedule in front of me to look at and refer to, I’ve been living week to week rather than by looking at the big picture and when it’ll be over.

lab final, rough temporarylab final, finished temporary

Thus said, I couldn’t quite believe it when our second oral pathology exam was done. All the stress of the past couple weeks of exam preparation and studying welled up inside me for a moment; I would’ve loved to melt into a little puddle just then and stay there for a while.

Ever since the weekend, I have slept little every night yet somehow have managed to stay wide awake during the day, even during our nightly study/cramming sessions where I usually get quite sleepy. After that path test, my body finally caved in to the lack of sleep and I napped for a couple hours later that afternoon.

But of course, this nap of mine didn’t happen until the fixed prosthodontics lab final exam was over. Fixed prosthodontics are simply known as “getting a bridge” from the dentist. Thankfully I had fully used my time during the first session on Monday; I only had to fill in the open margins for the temporary bridge and then polish it:

lab final, finished temporary

lab final, finished temporary

Not too shabby, huh?

This morning, I rolled out of bed late (typical for this week) and made it to school by 8 am for our test, the written part of fixed prosthodontics. The test started at 8:05 and I was walking out the door by 8:25. It was only 50 questions long, but our teacher is great (read: it was an easy exam). It’s so nice to have the last test as the easiest test.

Now that it’s all over, it’s time for spring break. I’m actually going on a mission trip to do dental work in NM; I’ll be gone 4-5 days for that. Then it’s up to northern California to cheer on my husband as he does a triathlon. (I think he’s doing a triathlon….) After that, school will start again the following Monday morning–! Hmm.

doing lab work

Breaks are too short when in school. Oh well! I’ll still finish someday.


2 thoughts on “Break time

    • What to say…only that the medical field in general desensitizes a person pretty well in regards to what one has to deal with.

      Though I did see a lot of gross teeth during a recent mission trip and thought to myself, “Am I really doing this? Cleaning out all this junk stuck around this person’s teeth??”

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