Stripe after stripe

At the start of christmas break, I made a bunch of neckwarmers and had a lot of leftover yarn.

What to do with it? Make striped arm warmers:

wrist warmers

I made these some time ago during the later portion of christmas vacation. Ever since I got back to school, I’ve used them more on a daily basis than I thought I would. It’s mostly because I ride my bicycle to school. I hate when a cold draft comes up my jacket sleeve and ends up chilling my core during my less than 5 minute commute.

wrist warmerswrist warmers

wrist warmers

Because it’s 100% wool, it’s a smidge itchy. On the other hand, it gets the job done. And I love the stripes. I wanted to make thicker stripes but was never happy with how they turned out. I finally looked up a video where Eunny Jang demonstrates single stripes that don’t jog. I took the idea, ran with it, and was satisfied with the results.

What can I say? I love knitting and it’s endless possibilities.


3 thoughts on “Stripe after stripe

  1. I’m a big fan of arm warmers. Look how awesome these are?

    If you use cashmere, I don’t think it’ll have the itch factor. Or you could put a lining in… but that takes work. UGH.

    • To both you and dre: aren’t they fun?? 🙂

      You know, a friend and I went to a knitting store some time ago, picked up a ball of cashmere about the size of two small fists put together (that’s not much yarn), and saw the price tag of about $20–! But oh, how soft it was!

      There are actually very soft wool yarns out there but I told myself I’d make a considerable dent in my yarn stash before I take on any more. Which, at the rate I’m going, will probably take a lifetime, ha.

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