Friday: meandering thoughts

When Friday comes along, all I usually want to do is clean the house (or at least think about it and wish it would happen on its own) and curl up with a book. If I can help it, Friday, once I get out of school, usually ends up being my day to de-stress. Sometimes when I need to de-stress, it involves talking about what’s on my mind.

In this case, I’ll be typing.


I flossed last night. I do believe that it was the first time in…uhmm…months? Going on a year? More than a year?


I’ve been blessed with tight contacts and gums that come up high in between my teeth. (Read: not much gets stuck in between my teeth.)  And I have pretty good dental hygiene. I should practice what I preach more, though.


I don’t grind my teeth while sleeping (my husband hasn’t noticed at least) yet I do clench my jaws. I tend to notice this more around times when I’m stressed (oh, you know, like final exams) and I wake up with worn out and tired jaw muscles. Over the course of many years, this clenching has worn down my four canine teeth–which are supposed to be sharp–to flat, flat teeth. I wondered if wearing a custom made bite guard at night would help; the hubs said yes.

The bite guard that Andrew had made for me finally came in this week to the dental office. I wore it when I slept last night…and remembered wearing it while in my dreams all through the night. I remember smacking my lips a lot when I’d wake up. It takes some getting used to. Not to mention how much it makes one (well, maybe just me) look disfigured.

But hey–no sore jaws this morning!


The other night, I was inspired to make some sort of jewelry or charm for a necklace. I know it’s been done before by other dental students, but it just took a hold of me other day and I brainstormed for quite a while.

Do you know how gold crowns for teeth are made? I used to think it was a machine-driven process that didn’t take very long. Boy, after making them myself, I found out I was extremely wrong. To make a really nice crown, you do it all by hand; it’s practically all about artistry and having careful hands! A much more, oh, “organic” process than you’d think. Since it’s something I don’t do every day, it takes a very long time to do, even longer if you get unlucky and accidentally break things.

Now I just need to buy some old silver jewelry or eating utensils from a second hand store, cut it, melt it, and see what I can come up with. Oh yes, and lots of time that I don’t really have.

That could be a problem.


I made a large batch of spanish rice and black beans on Monday. It’s absolutely delicious. Except that I’ve been eating it all week long because neither of us have had time to cook anything else.

It’s sort of turned into a love-hate relationship (leaning toward hate) over the course of the week.

I’m eating it right now, actually. Save me!


We had our first pediatric lab today. Do you know how SMALL kids’ teeth are?? You place the bur (aka drill) next to a tooth and they both seem like they’re the same size. How am I supposed to cut a groove that’s only 1.0 to 1.25 mm wide, only 1.0 to 1.5 mm deep, with smooth edges on a moving target?!

I have a new found respect for pediatric dentists.

Pediatric clinic will be a kick. (Good or bad? Who knows.) It’ll be this summer when I start working on kids. Pray for me that I will have all calm children…otherwise I’m going to suggest good ol’ nitrous aka laughing gas to the parents. Or whatever it is to make their children relax.


On to other fun topics: it’s the weekend! Enjoy. 🙂


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