$260 later, I am now registered to take the National Board Dental Examination Part I. I’m going to sign up for a specific date at a testing center for the last week of June. Two-plus months to cram two years worth of information back into my brain!


On another note, sorry for the lack of pictures…but…school has grabbed me by the neck and is dragging me along for the ride.

As of right now, I’m taking three classes that also have separate laboratory sessions: endodontics (think: root canals–which never should be a painful procedure), pediatric dentistry, and complete dentures. I’m swamped with lab work, especially endo. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but I can’t stand being behind in lab work but sometimes that’s just what has to happen.

Also, tomorrow afternoon our class of 100 (or 99 now?) will be taking our restorative OSCE’s (said: OSS-keys). First of all, I just found out what OSCE stands for : objective structured clinical examination. As for the word “restorative”, that’s referring to the procedures we do to restore teeth back to normal function and health, i.e. tooth preparations (drilling) and fillings. It’s a three and a half hour long exam. We have to do three preparations and fill one of them with amalgam (“silver” filling). What’s the kicker is that all the teeth we’re prepping are upper teeth, which means we need to (well, should) use a mirror to see what we’re doing.

Have you ever tried to use a mirror to look at something out of your direct line of sight? Not to mention, to cut a very specific shape out of something that has detailed specifications? It’s a challenge to move the tool and the mirror in the directions you want them to go.

Anyway, I haven’t used a mirror for going on a year now…I’m quite rusty at it. I’ve been practicing this week to bring my skills back up to speed (not quite there yet). We’ll see how things go tomorrow.

Oh wait, and I’m charge of special music at church this Sabbath. Hmm. I guess that means Andrew and I will have to pull out some song and practice it at the last minute. Like usual, hee.

I guess this is getting nowhere except to say that I’m busy. Right now, I’d love to go somewhere tropical, stay warmed by the sun, take random pictures of my feet, and sip something fruity like a pina colada. And knit.

footsies and peace

knitting on the beach

polarized view

Sounds like a plan to me.


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