Baking Goodness

The other day, a friend invited me over for an informal dinner. Since the hubs is gone and I hadn’t thought of what to eat yet, I said yes.

This friend of mine is married to one of my classmates, T. Every now and then, I get this urge to bake some sort of tasty treat. At times when I’ve shared with others, T has been around. The thing is, he has Celiac disease and can’t touch a crumb of anything I bake. I’ve always felt a little guilty about not thinking of him and bringing something compatible with his diet. Life must suck for a bit when one first finds out that he has an allergy to gluten. No (normal) flour, no pasta, no flour tortillas, no bread! I have a hard time imagining it.


While chatting with them over dinner, I mentioned that I was going to bake some cookies later that night: would they like some? Oh wait, that’s right, you can’t have any, T. Oh, you have some sort of gluten-free flour mix that I could use in place of normal flour in most recipes? Really… If you let me take your mix, I’ll bake you some cookies with it…how does that sound?

Of course he said yes.

I decided to go with the Rocky Roads recipe from a vegan cookie book that I have. I realized that I had no roasted almonds. No problem: I roasted my own.

roasted almonds

Maybe over-roasted a bit but still tasty.

And then I got down to business: soy milk instead of regular, flaxseed instead of eggs, canola oil instead of butter, and now Wendy Wark’s flour mix instead of the usual.

cookie batter

I had some issues with the oven though. Alright, I was actually a dork and completely forgot that the oven was off and didn’t realize it until I had already “baked” all the cookies. (I was deceived into thinking it was on by the warmth that was still emanating from roasting the almonds! Gah.) After much fiddling around, taking cookies off and putting them back on baking sheets, opening and closing and opening the oven again, and about three times the baking time later, I was done.

rocky road cookies

These don’t look right because it’s when I thought the batch was “baked.”  Just pretend they are.

I’m amazed–even though they weren’t made with normal flour, these cookies taste just as good as the original. And that means they taste really good. Actually, even a little bit better since I actually put roasted almonds in this batch.

I guess those with Celiac’s can still enjoy their desserts after all.


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