Friday: meandering thoughts

I am always so glad when Friday rolls around. Sure, I still have class, I still have to study for a few hours, I still have to clean something up in the house, but I eventually get to rest and relax after all the busyness is done.

This weekend, my husband is off cavorting about Las Vegas while I’m stuck at home. Okay, okay, not really: he’s in Las Vegas to take an ADEX (American Board of Dental Examiners) board exam that’s administered by the state of Nevada at UNLV. When he first graduated from dental school, he took a different board exam (WREB for short). It seems so confusing, but the long story short is that certain states will accept one completed board exam, not another. In order to open up our choices for the future, he’s taking this ADEX exam so he’ll have the option to practice dentistry in more states than before.

Which probably means that I’ll have to do the same in order to keep up with him.


The press and weight of school is become greater by the day. My Part I board exam that I’m taking at the end up June is looming over the horizon. It isn’t freaking me out as much as it was early on in the quarter, but it definitely is a lot of pressure still sitting on my shoulders.

I’d love a neck and back massage. Like, a really long one.

Well, more than one.

Maybe on a weekly basis until all the madness is over.

Mmmm, daily?


Since the hubby is gone with the car, I did some quick grocery shopping last night to get me through the weekend with food that’s different from the oh-so-usual kind of week day fare (i.e. sandwiches, burritos, cereal, etc). Because of school, studying, and merely being too stressed to do anything productive, I hardly ever feel like or get a chance to make something “unusual” during the week. Thus said, the weekend is when I finally get a chance to cook or bake something tasty. For dinner tonight, it was roasted broccoli with (leftover) tomato soup. I also made a Thai-style curry flavored with Kaffir lime leaves for tomorrow’s lunch. If all goes as planned, I’ll make a lentil roast (or soup, we’ll see how I feel) that will hopefully last for the first part of next week.

Then, once all this lovely cooked food runs out, it’ll be back to sandwiches, burritos, cereal…


Andrew was in Las Vegas last weekend as well, that time with both his girls in tow (that would be myself and our greyhound). Instead of a board exam, he competed in a regional off-road Xterra triathlon championship race. I forget the distances exactly, but it’s something like a 1+ mile swim, around a 25 mile mountain bike ride, and a 6+ mile crazy trail run. Minus a jarring crash on the first lap of the bike and then a flat tire on the second one, Andrew rocked the race compared to his usual times. (Go, honey!) I’ll post pictures sometime, hopefully sooner than later.


I trimmed our dog’s nails tonight.

Since our greyhound and all other greys are indoor dogs, her nails don’t get worn down as well an outdoor dog that runs on a lot on pavement or hiking trails. Long time ago, we bought a Pedi-Paws rotary nail trimmer to take care of this issue. The problem is that Pedi-Paws, as we found out, is best suited for small nails. Our dog’s nail are huge compared to what cats and little dogs have (as is seen on the commercials). Because of this, her nails don’t fit in the filing-catcher window very well and that there is not enough torque to quickly grind them down. I tell ya: using any pressure beyond her nail merely resting on the file causes it to stop spinning = this sucks.

After being stuck with filing down Ellie’s nails for super long periods of time and getting a resulting sore neck each time from forced poor posture, I complained to Andrew and would tell him that I wished we had a Dremel tool. If you didn’t know, a Dremel tool is practically the same thing, just with more power and torque for the wood-working that it’s made for. A few weeks ago, he finally remembered that, yes, we actually do have one that he bought a long time ago and forgot about.


Trimming the dog’s nails isn’t so much of a labored process as before. She’s like a ninja dog now: when she’s walking in the house, you can’t hear her nails tapping on the hard floors anymore.


I guess technically it’s not Friday anymore (it’s just past midnight) but I’m in charge here so I still consider this a Friday night. Here’s to a good and relaxing weekend..!


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