How life rolls on

The past couple of days have been interesting. Well, really, not too interesting. It’s more like a sequence of normal events that happen in life. It’s just that since my life is generally predictable (school, study, eat, sleep, repeat), it made yesterday’s little highs and lows feel greater than they probably actually were.

A classmate and I studied and studied and studied so hard this weekend for a pharmacology midterm that we had yesterday, Monday. What a harrowing subject! So many drugs, so many different ways that they work, how they interact with one another… If anything, this class has garnered more respect toward pharmacists in my eyes.

We had our midterm exam yesterday morning. The first 16 questions or so took up so much brain power that I wasn’t sure if I could make it through all 80 questions and keep my sanity if the rest were any similar. Thankfully they weren’t. After flying through the exam in less than a hour, I ran out the door to head home.

I was excited to get done with the test because, well, it would be done and that my classmate and I were going catch the last day of the snowboarding season down here in southern Cali. I jumped on my bike and sped the less than five minutes ride home. Part way into the ride, there’s this tree that I pass that has a bee hive in it. Well, considering large number of bees that are always flying around the tree, I’m assuming so. Since I’ve only been stung once before and, with the slightly-greater-than-the-average-person allergic reactions that I have, am always worried about a possible anaphylactic reaction from a second sting that can spell death in minutes, I’m very careful when I pass that tree. Thus said, I hit the brakes and rode by the tree and through the bees slow enough for them to avoid me.

Almost a short block away from home and with snowboarding on the mind, I was suddenly aware of an immediate and intense pinpoint of pain on my neck, strong enough to bring tears to my eyes and make me slam on the breaks. I came to a complete halt. In my shock, I quickly realized that I had just been stung by a bee. With adrenaline and fear pumping through my body and the knowledge that a bug is attached to me at the neck, I ripped the fuzzy little creature off in absolute disgust. I knew the stinger was still in my neck; it hurt so bad. Since there was no one around to reach me fast enough in case I actually did have a serious allergic reaction, I did the only thing I could think of at the time and rode the rest of the way home.

Turning on to our street, I almost careened into a moving van coming in my direction. When I was rolling up our driveway, I was hoping and praying that nothing would happen to me. I shakily dropped my bike, eventually opened the door, dropped my bag, hurried to the bathroom and fumbled through the medicine cabinet for tweezers and a small mirror. I knew the lighting wasn’t the best in there, so I quickly headed for the backyard and direct sunlight. To my horror, I saw half a bee butt sticking out of my neck. (Seriously, it was gross. Gross, gross, gross.) Once again instantly disgusted, I slowly pulled out what I could of the stinger and hurriedly wiped it off on the grass.

bee sting, day 1bee sting, day 2
L & R: The evening after pulling out the stinger and what it looked like the next day.

Since at least a full minute had passed by this time, I figured I was going to be okay after all, thank the Lord. With still shaky hands, I called my husband for any advice for taking care of a bee sting. You’re probably wondering what kind of American childhood I had where I could avoid ever being stung and not knowing what to do. I was a careful child, so what? After liberally applying a baking soda paste to my neck and nursing it for the next hour, I slowly got my stuff together for snowboarding. Oh heck yeah, I wasn’t going to let a dumb little bee sting that, well, scared me silly hold me back from having some fun!

When Jen arrived, I jumped in her car and off we went to find some slushy snow. We reached the highway that would head up the mountain only to find that it was closed. What were we going to do? After another call to my husband, we found an alternate and longer route for getting up the mountain. Nothing was going to stop us from getting to the snow.

Southern California has had a pretty darn good and long snow season this year, something that doesn’t happen regularly down here. Earlier this season, Jen and I became even more addicted to snowboarding and jumped on a deal for the local slopes that would let us board what was left of this season and all the next. So far, we haven’t had a good chance to go this season at all. After finding out that today was the last day of the season and that we knew we would have finished a difficult midterm, we wanted to at least fulfill the promises of our pass and make it up there that day.

last day of the season

last day of the season

After getting our season passes, we hopped on the lift. The bottom of the hill looked pretty sad with distinct brown patches on the side. Halfway up though, we realized there was a lot more snow than we thought we’d see.

jen boarding, pt.1jen boarding, pt.2

jen boarding, pt.4jen boarding, pt.6

The snow was soft and slushy yet a lot more fun that we thought it would be. Even though I took quite an impressive tumble on the second run (and thankfully no one saw it), I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have hurt even if I hadn’t been wearing my helmet. I did have to take it off after that, though–I somehow managed to get a large amount of snow in it and wanted to empty it out. After a great third run, we decided to call it quits: they were going to close the slopes in a half hour and we had at least reached our goal of using our passes for both seasons.

After I got home, there was nothing pressing to do. Well, except to take the doggie on a walk:

walking the dog, pt.1

walking the dog, pt.4

Oh, and I stopped and saw some pretty flowers along the way:

pink flower redux

yellow flower redux

At the end of the day, everything was back to normal again. Well, except for my neck which now itches like crazy. I guess it’s just been a while since I’ve had such an up and down again kind of day, except on the slightly smaller scale like a kiddie roller coaster. As interesting as yesterday was, it was nice to have a day to live life and just roll with the punches.

Though I’d appreciate nothing stronger than that for a little while, please.


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