She’s a calm kind of girl

So, our dog has a funny looking long nose

ground shot

and an especially calm demeanor

long noser

that can make her seem quite boring. Actually, we do call her boring from time to time, straight to her face even. But it’s always said with affection.

Because of this, it makes us love her all the more when she turns into a puppy and runs around in our backyard, tearing up the turf in short, speedy bursts of energy:

happy running, pt.1happy running, pt.2

happy running, pt.5

happy running, pt.4happy running, pt.3

Really, what’s not to love?

a smiling pair


3 thoughts on “She’s a calm kind of girl

    • I’m naturally biased toward greyhounds, but there are quite a few things you have to be on top of in order to adopt one from most agencies.

      I’d say it really depends more on your lifestyle (active, relaxed) and what kind of temperament you’ll appreciate in a dog. If I had to go for a smaller dog, I’m partial to a whippet for it’s calm demeanor and that it’s like a greyhound as well as a good companion (and other reasons).

      I guess my point is, don’t just pick a dog from looks only! Do your research and find one that will match you. A website I first went to was this one. I just clicked on all the dog breeds I saw so I could see what they looked like and read about their qualities…and then I just went from there!

  1. Oh, I meant to say that the website I went to ( isn’t 100% accurate but it definitely gives you a good idea of what you may be getting yourself into regarding a particular breed.

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