Friday: meandering thoughts…and crafty hands

It’s Friday again! Ah, yes…ce bine.


This week has been a good week. So good, I don’t really have words to describe it. Mostly because there’s nothing to describe…I’ve had half days all week long (!) and merely loose study sessions for the upcoming board exam during all my break times. I’ve also had the chance to do some physical activity, walk the dog more, relax, read a few books for fun. Best of all, there has been no need for studying for any of my current classes!

As I said above, ah yes, ce bine…life is good.


I confess: I’m not really a spontaneous kind of person. Well, hardly. Rather, how it works for me, I make room in my schedule to have time for spontaneity to occur…but then again, can that still be called being spontaneous? Point being, I’m not normally wired to just pick up something and go. Thus said, looking over some old pictures, I’m reminded of my occasional and unusual spontaneity streak in picking up new crafts.

It all started with seeing this awesome little cross-stitched panel a friend had done for another friend of mine. It was presented in a cute little white frame and said “This place sucks.” What a contradiction of ideas: an old timey craft that’s usually presented with hearts, flowers, frilly scrolls and text saying something inspirational or homey that was instead used to present a current and pessimistic take on life! Personally, I thought it was hilarious.

Eventually I found out where this friend got her inspiration from (mild warning: use of strong language after the click). Next thing you know, I was on flickr searching for similar cross stitch projects and eventually was side tracked by idea that I could make cute characters from video games. I had seen some examples done and thought, “I can do that.”

All of a sudden, I found myself at the craft store buying various colors of cross stitching thread, hoops, needles, and then making pixelated video game characters come to life:

tanooki mariofinal fantasy's mog

After I realized how annoying it was to make solid panels of crossed stitches next to each other, row upon row and column after column, I then decided to make something with more space in between stitches.

That’s when I saw this:

Robot Baby Sampler
Image credit: mooosh ♥ miso funky

My creative side then took the idea, made it into just two robots, and changed it for a friend that was going to be married soon:

nate & mae

Minus the gold non-pliable thread that was difficult to use for the lettering, I thought it was the cutest and coolest thing ever! I wished I had another friend that could have made us something for our own wedding. Heck, I was tempted to even make one for ourselves.

When another couple I knew was going to be married, I still loved the idea so much that I made one for them as well, minus the difficult metallic thread:

garrett & jeanne

Isn’t it lovely?

When I’m done with school and have a steady job, I’m totally going to be devoting a portion of my free time toward creativity, to give my brain a chance to be crafty again. I want to cultivate more of it!


2 thoughts on “Friday: meandering thoughts…and crafty hands

  1. THOSE LOOK FAMILIAR! I love our wedding present, and I LOVE the MOG one. You know that, out of all FF characters, he will always be my favourite thing. Especially the rendition of him in FFVI/FFIII. I don’t think I’ll ever love another version of moogle quite as much as I do in that game.

    Thanks again for the present. I love it SO MUCH. It’s on my desk at my work station at home.

    • I’ve been meaning to post these for a while but thought it’d be better on your birthday. 🙂

      Every time I see the first robots I made, I fall in love with them again. Glad you enjoy it! And little mog man, of course.

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