She’s not a watchdog

When we have our kitchen door open and the screen door closed, our dog likes to occasionally walk up to it and peer outside.

what a watchdog.

Though this isn’t because she’s guarding the door. Oh no. Rather, it’s one of her attempts to see what kind of small fluffy wildlife or domestic creature she can spot and get excited about. Otherwise, all she’s good at is possibly licking a stranger to death, nothing more serious than that.

Oh yeah,

in the shade

in the shade

and she’s good at lounging, too. Actually excels wonderfully at that, really.


2 thoughts on “She’s not a watchdog

    • Well, if we ever do, I hope she doesn’t bore Alex! If you haven’t figured out, she is a relatively boring dog. So much so that the little things she does, like when she merely looks at you, is cute all of a sudden.

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