Friday’s Meandering Thoughts: studying, studying, and many breaks

I really enjoy Fridays when the house is clean, the backyard and gardens are picked up, the laundry’s done, and when I’m not involved in special music for the next day.

Don’t get me wrong–I enjoy performing! But it’s nice to not have to worry about it, get things together, practice, blah.


So, it’s been crunch time this week. Monday: biochemistry. Tuesday, Wednesday: physiology. Thursday, Friday: Anatomy.

My schedule has been working well so far, except for this last day. I’ve been running every morning with the hopes that enough blood will flow to my brain and enhance my studying. It worked well the first few days, but these last two, especially today… I found myself falling asleep and napping. I even took a two-hour nap yesterday. Needless to say, my anatomy knowledge is now lacking.

studying, studying

study buddy

Guess I have to add in a bit of extra studying this weekend to catch up! Bummer.

Somehow, I was like a machine on Monday–I’ve never been so efficient at learning biochemistry before in my life! And it made sense! I even got a lot of the practice questions right! Though, considering that this is the tenth year I’ve been exposed to the glycolysis, the TCA cycle, and the like, I suppose it’s no surprise that I relearn the material faster and faster each time.



As the week went on, I found myself looking for distractions. My favorite one? A little bit of ice cream.

purely decadent...

the ingredients.certified vegan!

Don’t worry, I didn’t chow down the entire thing in a day. I spread this little pint of love out over a couple of weeks of nibbling. At least the relatively healthy ice cream ingredients and the fact that it’s a vegan dessert made me feel not as guilty.

I forgot to mention: this stuff is really, really good for being vegan.

I mean, really good.


Andrew had a couple days off this week. Naturally, he had to be doing something.

He finished up some shelves for the bathroom and stained them. Also, he sealed our redwood gate and, even though it’s much more red than before, it’s quite lovely.

bathroom shelves, pt.1bathroom shelves, pt.2

sealing the gate, pt.4

It’s so nice when a house becomes less of a work yard of materials and more of a home.


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