Study Manic

I’m getting tired of studying for this doggone test. I’ll be done in less than a week–!

My studying this week hasn’t been that great. Let me rephrase: what I had originally planned to study this week hasn’t exactly happened. On the flip side, I’ve at least been going over practice questions that explains the correct and incorrect answers. I’m going to chalk that up toward still learning something.

Minus the weekends and an extreme need to sleep in really, really late yesterday morning, I’ve been doing cardio workouts every day since I started studying last Monday. I haven’t exercised regularly at all for months, probably more than a year even. A year ago, I realized that my study habits weren’t cutting it for dental school. You probably won’t believe me, but I truly was worried about not passing a couple classes at the at time. That’s when I hooked up with some classmates and started doing some serious group studying. One of them peeled away and went a different direction, but nonetheless, I’ve essentially been studying my tail off for an entire year. I’ve never studied so much before in my life! Deep down, I’m a very lazy person (shhh) but knowing there’s someone else that’s going to hold me accountable to her own studying…ah, I can’t say no to that. Sure, I moan and groan to her quite often (“Do we really have to study? But it was so easy to understand when we heard it in class!”), drag my feet around, but somehow we get it done. Thankfully, all this hard work has paid off: my class rank keeps getting better every quarter and I’ve made the dean’s list for an entire year.

But there has been a drawback: my health. Well, general health. I can still walk up a hill, climb stairs, ride my bike, but I’m huffing and puffing and have a hard time talking when I do. When I do any sort of yard work (since I hardly do any), I’m always sore the next couple of days. I’ve decided that I’m not very good at balancing my activities during the school year; academics has always taken precedence in my mind. Now that I have three weeks off, albeit studying should be first and foremost for two of them, I’m taking advantage of all this free time to kick my butt back into gear.

Long story short, working out does suck most of the time, but it sure is nice to walk up hills and not get winded again.

I’d say it also helps to have fresh food come from our garden as well. Yesterday, Andrew boiled some whole wheat pasta to finish up leftover sauce he had made last week. I took what was left and made a quick tomato and basil dish with it:

fresh tomatoes & pasta, pt.2

fresh tomatoes & pasta, pt.4

fresh tomatoes & pasta, pt.5

These little yellow cherry tomatoes were very sweet, something that’s missing in a lot of store-bought tomatoes which one will find on the acidic side. Thanks to Dana for showing me a long time ago what tomatoes (especially heirloom tomatoes), basil, pasta, olive oil, salt and pepper can do. (Wonders, if you must know.)


Now, it’s back to studying, but only after I show some obligatory pictures of our dog:

funny face girl, pt.2

long noser

How can you not love that ridiculously long nose?


2 thoughts on “Study Manic

  1. I also planned to study ‘only’ 12 hours a day. I thought it was possible. 4 hours in the morning, 4 hours after lunch, and 4 hours after dinner. However, after 3 days I did like that, I just got totally exhausted. Also, there is a World cup games happening. For almost every Korean (and few of Americans), it is the major event. I woke up at 4:30 AM twice to watch the match of S. Korean team, and I had to watch another match again yesterday. Since the team Korea got the final 16, there will be another 4:30 match on this Sabbath morning (I will definitely skip the match this time though). So, cannot concentrate to study! It is good for you that you are not a soccer fan, or at least a World cup fan, like me. Study hard Liz, good luck.

    • You were planning on doing 12 hours a day?? That would’ve been amazing if you could pull it off. Though, as you said, it’s easy to get burned out studying that much.

      I also cannot concentrate very well this week, though it has nothing to do with the World Cup. 🙂 Knowing you, Dongjin, I’m sure you’ll do just fine on the exam! It’ll be so nice when it’s all over.

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