The 4th of July

The 4th of July means a couple things to me:

  1. The birthday of our lovely country, the USA
  2. Our wedding anniversary

The lovely part of it all is that we’ll always get our anniversary off! As long as we don’t defect to another country, of course. Oh, and there’s a second lovely part: my husband can’t ever possibly forget what date our anniversary is on! I suppose there’s always the chance that he may end up with Alzheimer’s at a well advanced age and forget then (if so, I’ll forgive him). But that’s besides the point. What I’m trying to say is this: July 4th is a special day in more ways than one.

Earlier last week, I was rummaging through old pictures on my external hard drive and ran across two of them around our wedding day that made me smile. In the first one, my maid of honor, Dana, was staying in my already crowded and overflowing room of stuff before the wedding. Since Dana is one that happens to make her mass of luggage seem to expand in exponential ways, my room was even more stuffed. Not to mention the few wedding gifts that came in early and were still in the room, waiting to be transferred to my future residence.

A couple of evenings before the wedding, Andrew stopped by. I don’t remember what we were talking about or doing exactly, but it was the three of us crammed into my overfilled room laughing over nothing in particular. There was one moment where we were admiring the well-endowed size of a gift bag and I decided to see if I would fit in it.

that's a big bag

Sure enough, I did.

Looking at this picture, the bag doesn’t look that enormously large to me…but then maybe I was just curled up nice and small? Too bad I can’t remember the gift that actually came in the bag.

The second picture I found is one that Dana took of me on our wedding day. It happened to be an infernally hot southern California day, so hot that standing outside for less than a minute is enough to get you sweating. Not to mention, sitting in a car that had been baking in this desert sun for less than a minute!

After the reception, Andrew and I rolled up to our new home in our lightly wedding-decorated car. Sure, my dress was strapless, but the hundreds of layers (so it seemed) on my lower half was not helping me keep cool. It was hot. Lucky for Dana, she happened to be at our house waiting to snap a picture when we arrived.

a hot 4th of july

If the picture is small enough, it might actually look like I’m smiling. But if you click on it and admire it at a larger size, that’s actually me grimacing. Grimacing with teeth, even. It’s kind of like a lame scowl. Whatever it was, all Dana could do was laugh at my prissy reaction.

Then again, if I were wearing a cute, single-layered knee-length dress that was keeping me cool in the hot summer sun, I probably would’ve laughed, too.

Four years of marriage later, we’re still together. Nine years total of being together, we’re still lasting.

Here’s to many more..!


5 thoughts on “The 4th of July

  1. I took both of those. There is a lot of my stuff in that first one. as it was loading Me: “What’s my hat doing in Liz’s room?”
    Me again: “Oh yeah that was after her “bachelorette” party.”

    • Oh yeah, I hope you don’t think I was slamming you for your stuff in my room…that wasn’t the point! 🙂

      Do you see your reflection in the car window? I can almost see you smirking at me when I look at it closely. Or maybe you were just squinting.

  2. well, might as well the the world I spread out easily. 🙂 – I mean after all it is the truth.
    and, let’s just call it squinting. It was miserably hot that day indeed!

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