Friday’s meanderings: somewhat uninspired

You know, these days, I’m not feeling the need to write like before. I’m sure it has something to do with starting another quarter, one quite different than all others before.

Additionally, I recently went through a laptop switch and am now quite attached to a new netbook from my dear husband. (Note: Windows 7 Starter is a serious pain to get going, but things have calmed down and I’ve come to an agreement with this new OS.) I still have my macbook, but: it’s 4 years old, the battery is dead and I’m too cheap to buy a new one, I’m constantly tethered to the wall with the power cord, I’m consistently worried about the power cord being pulled out easily since it’s attached to my computer merely by a magnet (a lovely feature before yet a complete annoyance now), it’s running more slowly these days, there are a few cracks/missing parts where my wrists rest, and it doesn’t work as easily with the school’s patient program.

So–! Like I mentioned, I’ve mostly switched over to a netbook and am finally starting to enjoying it.

I’ve become very reliant on my laptop for downloading, storing, and uploading pictures to the internets; I need to get that process set up more properly for this computer. Once that’s done, I should be inspired to write more by having pictures to guide me along.

Speaking of writing, I am faced once again with the necessity of doing research and composing a corresponding research paper. I and a partner have this summer to essentially hook up with a mentor from the faculty and write the introduction. Data collection then will take place over the next quarter, maybe more. The final and third quarter then includes the presentation of our research in front of a good chunk of faculty and many of our peers in school.

Thankfully, oh so thankfully, I’ve been blessed to be approached by a faculty member on a research topic that he thought I’d be interested in. Even though I’m not too keen on doing more research, I’m nonetheless thrilled for the opportunity because: (a) I didn’t have to come up with a topic like the rest of my class and (b) I didn’t have to go searching for a mentor. To top it off, he even thinks the research has a good chance of being published. Now, even though having an article associated with my name published in a scientific journal isn’t really on my list of life goals, I still see and understand the importance of such an event. We’ll see what happens.

In other news, I saw a new patient today. All went well until the very end when I realized how little time I had left and started sweating bullets. Thankfully this patient seems like a keeper so far. Additionally, it was nice to have a female patient for once. Generally speaking, I feel like I get along better with guys around my age, but I have this suspicion that I may connect better with women who are older than me. Once again, we shall see if this is an emerging trend or not as I start to see more patients this quarter.

I’m always amazed at the new things I learn about myself over the years. You think I would’ve figured out something like this a long time ago!


Oh YEAH, how could I forget: our house has been undergoing even more of remodeling of sorts. (What else is new?) For a few months now, we’ve known that the water heater has been leaking. Regularly, I’d walk into the kitchen in the morning, see a brownish pool of water on the linoleum floor by some cabinets, then would wrinkle my nose and peer behind one of the doors at the water heater with squinted eyes, hoping to see nothing that would scare me and if I did, would try to pretend I didn’t see anything and play ignorance.

Unfortunately, there definitely was a water leak. Actually, has been for a long time. When I’d see pools of water on the floor, the water heater was actually way past the point of starting to leak; rather, it was finally to the point where the water had soaked through the wood of the cabinet, even the one next to it, and sadly through the wood floor under the linoleum.


Earlier this week, Andrew ripped it out like the superman he is, and tore out all the water-damaged cabinets. For the past few days, I’ve been reliving some of my travels in Asia, specially in the way how I had bathed at the time: I’ve been boiling water for baths. All I can say about it is that I cut down on my water usage a lot!

As fun as that experience was, I’m glad the new tankless water heater’s installation finished today. Lovely! Minus the fact that you can see the bare studs and wood floor under the torn-off linoneum in that corner of the kitchen (okay, it’s like a third of our kitchen), there are only a few things left that need tweaking to get our hot water and pressure correct again.

Though, I must add, I’m going to have to do something about that open and blantant HOLE that you can stick your arm through to the dirt-bottomed crawl space beneath our house. Creepy. Nor do I want something crawling in from down there.


Oh, my dearest Friday. Once again, I’m so glad you’re here.


2 thoughts on “Friday’s meanderings: somewhat uninspired

  1. “I’m always amazed at the new things I learn about myself over the years.”….. Good for you, Liz. I am also quite frequently amazed at the ‘bad’ things I have learned about myself over the last few years; how I am so weak, fragile, and vurlnerable mentally, spiritually, and also physically. I have experienced three or four major depressions since I started dent-school. Again, another wave is about to start, I feel, since last Friday. It was another day that I realized there were not many things I can do right now for may patient and to earn my ‘points’. Every one wants to graduate the school ‘on time’, but I really have a reason to do that. However, on Friday, I had a bad feelling. I know it was the very first day of my offical clinical experiences though, it was enough for me to feel like that. Whenever I look around, every other students looks doing fine. Even if some of them are having problems, it seems they can get through it. But, whenever I look at myself, I just find my weakness, lacking of many things which is hard to decribe. I envy you, Liz. You are so blessed. Even on your research project! I am so sorry for this long mushy complaints. Have a nice weekend Liz.

    • Now that you’ve had a few more patients that are more agreeable than the one you had on Friday, I hope you’re feeling a little better now.

      In all honesty, you’re not the only one that has had weak moments. I’ve had my share of a couple mental, uh, breakdowns…but I just don’t mention them. I know, I KNOW it doesn’t help now, but it does help when I think of the end…2 more years and we’ll be done. (!)

      Btw, are you in a research group yet that knows what they want to do..? Just curious.

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