Friday’s meanderings: happenings & random photos

Fridays are meant for taking naps.

— — —

The time for getting thrown onto clinic, whether you’re ready or not, has finally arrived. This week, I’ve seen patients during three out of the five days of the school week and am exhausted. I remember when in the very beginning of my previous career as a radiographic technologist, I would come home bonked after 8+ hours of working. There’s just something about dealing with others as patients and essentially faking that you know what you’re doing until you get comfortable that’s absolutely draining. I usually am a bit of a night owl and don’t crawl into bed until past midnight; these days it’s been around 10 pm.

I can’t wait until this phase of constantly being freaked out is over. It’ll be nice to have the energy to do normal things again, such as actually washing the dishes on a regular basis.

Thank goodness I can nap on Friday afternoons to catch up on sleep.

— — —

I believe I had previously said that we finally realized our water heater tank had been leaking for a long time. Knowing that it’s rotted out the bottom of the local cabinets, Andrew got ambitious and tore up the two layers of linoleum in that part of our kitchen to see how far the water damage had gone in the floor. Well now, by that point, he might as well rip out of the rest of the cabinets, right?

water heater demolition, pt.1water heater demolition, pt.2

water heater demolition, pt.3water heater demolition, pt.4


Thankfully, oh so thankfully, the new tankless water heater is in, and boy, do we have blazing hot water in the shower. In the meantime, you can still see the studs and original floor under the ripped-out linoleum in that section of the kitchen.

Oh, and also the trash pile that is starting to collect on our driveway.

water heater demolition, pt.5water heater demolition, pt.6

I’ve never lived before in a house that had regular phases of construction and renovation. It takes some getting used to even though you never really get used to it.

Alas, but I think but this style of living will be continuing on: we may be installing a new dishwasher sometime soon.


— — —

In other news, I’ve been enjoying my baggu duck bag recently.

baggu duck bag

Also, we’ve been to the beach. Andrew went kiteboarding


and I had the chance to watch a wedding occur on the same (and somewhat ugly) beach.

beach wedding

(I suppose if you’re on a budget, then…you’re on a budget!)

Lastly, with all this heat that’s been going on lately, I’ve been using my denture-shaped ice “cubes” a lot more than usual.

denture ice cubes

denture ice cubes

Goodness, I’m such a nerd.

— — —

Here’s to a good weekend.


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