Friday’s Meanderings: easily sidetracked

During the first year of dental school, midterm exams for all our classes all fell during the same week. It was absolute torture, mostly: you finish taking one exam only to go to the next one; and then repeat for the rest of the week. After a whole year of this madness, you kind of end up used to it. Sure, it’s horrible, but at least they’re all done in one big shot.

When our second year rolled around, our test schedule was eventually switched up. What’s different is that midterm exams are spread out over two, sometimes three weeks. In a way, it’s been nice not having to lose sleep and cram, cram, cram for a slew of tests in a row. On the other hand, especially now since our classes aren’t as time-consumingly science heavy like before, the primary downfall is that I end up relaxing. Relaxing too much. I’m caught off guard during the period of midterms easily: I always rationalize myself into thinking that they’re be time later to study.

The past three weeks or so have been our midterm exam weeks. Because there’s been so much time between tests, I’ve been finding myself watching a lot of movies, reading books, and even getting into some crafting.

What kind of crafting?

Well, cross stitching, apparently.

robots in love, pt.4

knit fast, pt.1

Yes, I cranked the majority of these puppies out rather fast. I’m thinking my subconscious was telling me to do something, anything other than studying. In short, I’m trying to say that was easily side tracked.

But at least I ended up with some products to show for my efforts!

The robot panel is for some friends that obviously got married. As for the knitting one, I remember seeing the phrase cross stitched somewhere, loved it, and just had to make my own version of it.

— — —

Lastly, another obligatory photo of our dog, this time of her wishing with all her heart/eyes to have me give her the go so she can eat the piece of chicken balancing on her nose:

it's in her eyes...

That’s what I would call a display of extreme longing.


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