Where in the world…

…have I been, right?

Ah, in a nutshell: school. But what else is new? It’s seems so boring to recite my day in and day out practices in academia. Rather, I like to share what’s going on with pictures.

Maybe that just means I’m rather lazy when it comes to writing.

No, no…that really is the truth. I can’t stand writing. I should say, I can’t stand writing in a forced and constrained format like APA or MLA. Ugh.

As I type right now, I am surrounded by my sleeping my husband and the sleeping dog. (The dog is not on the bed, by the way.) As for myself, I am wide awake. Then again, it is only 10:30 pm and this is what I consider as an early hour in my book. For the past two school quarters, my ability to stay awake and coherent has become as late as it’s ever been, around 1:30 or even 2 in the morning. I think a lot of it has to do with the internal and unspoken need for some time to myself. I’m naturally an introvert. I like interacting with and being around others but it’s definitely not my method of recharging. Hence, I stay up late for some time to myself, usually browsing the internets or reading a book. (My bookworm genes come from my mom.)

Meanwhile, like I mentioned above, I’m surrounded my sleeping bodies. I love my husband, even more so as of late, and I love to spend time with him, but even then I need some “me” time.

I also love spending time with the dog, but she doesn’t really count considering how much she sleeps and stares at you when she isn’t.

As the clock ticks closer to 11 pm, the more tempted I am to open up my book and pick up where I left off.

Since I am out of words, I believe I’ll do just that.

Pictures next time!


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