Standing, standing

Some days seems really long while others are on the short side. Today was actually okay, but the tipping point that made it feel long is that my legs are aching right now.

Did you ever have deep, slow aching pains in your legs, sometimes arms and elsewhere when younger? My parents always called them “growing pains”, something about attributing the aches to growing bones and muscles. Whether growth during my younger and adolescent years actually played a role in those aches or not, who really knows.

On the other hand, I still get those same deep aches at my current age which isn’t quite as young as before. It’s always a gnawing kind of pain, usually in my legs, that slowly gets worse and never seems to get better for roughly around six hours. If I don’t get around to taking some sort of analgesic like Tylenol or Ibuprofen, it’s always bad enough to keep me up in the middle of the night. If I somehow manage to fall asleep, it always is a restless sleep and, more likely than not, I wake back up again with an even stronger and dull ache.

In high school, I started noticing that these leg pains would appear after standing or walking for long periods of time. Case in point? Being at Disneyland all day long. I eventually learned to be proactive and carry a couple of pills with me during Disney trips (we had annual passes a lot back then) to take during the afternoon. When I started working as a radiologic technologist, there were many days filled with running around and essentially standing most or all of the day. After a while, my legs would get used to all the standing and walking, but some days just did me in and I’d have to pop a pain pill or two.

Since my x-ray days are over and I haven’t had many long days filled with standing after that, this quarter of getting slammed on clinic has did me in a few times at night with these leg pains. Today, I do believe I was standing, standing, standing just about through the entire afternoon, about four and a half hours straight. Boys howdy, do my legs ache now. I just took a 220 mg pill of Aleve not too long ago, an NSAID similar to Ibuprofen. Thankfully it’s starting to kick in and my legs are feeling better already.

Sleep! I am coming. There will soon be no more aching to hold you at bay.


2 thoughts on “Standing, standing

    • Restless leg syndrome..? Hmm, after reading the description, I don’t think so. To be honest, it’s very predictable and I only get it maybe 3 or 4 times a year. My dad and brother get the same kind of aches, too.

      Though it’s true, I should ask an MD about it.

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