The Never-Ending Story

Do you remember that movie? To be honest, I don’t remember much about it specifically other than that there was a young boy, some sort of flying and friendly dragon was involved, and that I enjoyed watching it. I was watching the trailer for it some time ago and was immediately struck by how far the film industry has come since then.

I don’t know if I ever saw the sequel to it, but I do know that Jonathan Brandis was the main character in the second movie. Oh, dearest Jonathan Brandis. I had the largest pre-teen crush on him. When the television show SeaQuest DSV came out, I was quite the regular fan, faithfully watching each week to get a glimpse of his character, Lucas, to hear his voice.

Essentially, I drooled over the guy.

Oh dear, I’m blushing in mild embarrassment at this revelation.

As I grew up and got over his teen idol status, I still kept an eye out for him in film and television. It’s a complete shame he hung himself in 2003 at the age of 27.

— — —

Getting away from this morbid subject, what I originally meant to write about was school. School, school, school: the never-ending story of my life. Now, in juxtaposition to the previous topic, it sure as heck seems inappropriate to go unendingly on and on about the doldrums of my life.

Thus said, I’ll just sum up my current thoughts regarding academia: I have my last exam tomorrow, then I’m going out to have some sushi and maybe even a massage later on. I’m thrilled.



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