A list of sorts

Christmas vacation is three-fourths over. I’m trying to remember exactly how it’s flown by so fast. What exactly have I done?

  1. Bought Christmas presents, wrapped them
  2. Put away my mess that was covering half the dining table from stuff I’ve gathered and kept from this quarter
  3. Practiced some music for a Christmas program
  4. Performed in the majority of musical numbers at thus said Christmas program
  5. Stayed home in the rain, curled up under a blanket and read a book
  6. Read more books
  7. Kept reading books
  8. Took a nap
  9. Went to the Sing-Off finale at Warner Bros. Studios (!)
  10. Watched a movie
  11. Watched more movies
  12. Listened to the rain falling
  13. Took a nap
  14. Read more books
  15. Heard about the locally infamous Loma Linda floodings and mudslides, mud rivers, streets filled with mud
  16. Drove around the next day to look at all the mud, got our car really muddy
  17. Oogled at mounds of mud, kept wondering if we were really in Loma Linda
  18. Went for a hike, saw the landslides/mudslides that happened in all the hills to give rise to all the above said mud found in Loma Linda
  19. Went to church on Christmas day, helped sing some songs up on stage
  20. Went for long walks with my boyfriend (aka husband) and the dog
  21. Cooked up a few dishes for Christmas dinner
  22. Opened presents
  23. Oogled over presents, played with presents, felt blessed to be even getting presents
  24. Saw a movie in the theater
  25. Yes, it was Tron and I am now in love with the soundtrack artists all over again
  26. Attempted to brave the day-after-Christmas hordes at the mall and, after quailing in fear, turned away
  27. Attended and performed in a memorial service for a dear church member
  28. Went on a date with my boyfriend
  29. Went and had sushi with a friend
  30. Read more books
  31. Took a nap
  32. Played video and computer games
  33. Slept
  34. Watched some movies
  35. Took another nap

I think you get the picture now. As I mentioned to a friend, I’m enjoying my vacation and that the fact my IQ is getting knocked down a few notches.

It’s lovely!

Now here I am, typing away while in bed, listening to the boyfriend and the dog sleeping away in dreamland, listening to the wind wail through the tree outside. Hopefully there won’t be any more rain for a while down here…but I will honestly pray for more snow in the mountains.

Why so? So I can have a little powder for snowboarding, of course!


2 thoughts on “A list of sorts

    • Sadly, you are very much correct: I did no knitting over break! Amazing.

      But I’m knitting right now. During school. Which sometimes is not the best combination.

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