Reading-filled vacation

This week of spring break has flown by. I want more vacation!

What did I do over break? Let’s see:

  • Worked at the dental urgent at school for four of the six days they were open
  • Read a book on my Kindle
  • Took a nap
  • Went out to eat
  • Drove to the airport, church, errands, more church
  • Did special music at above said church
  • Started clicker training with our dog
  • Read another book
  • Took another nap
  • Watched the whole series of BBC’s nature movies, Life
  • Did some shopping
  • Played video games
  • Kept reading books
  • Did more napping

So, there’s definitely a recurring theme here: reading (and napping, ha). My word, I love reading. I’m open to reading just about any type of genre but I do tend to continually go back novels. Suspense, sci-fi, action, fantasy–you name it, I’ll read it.

Thus far, it’s been mildly dangerous owning a Kindle. How so? A credit card is attached to your Kindle/Amazon account. When you go browsing through books and want one, it’s very easy and painless to click “buy” in order to have instant reading gratification. Now, even though I’ve scoured the internets and Amazon for tons free books, I find myself browsing their titles for sale…and, on rare occasion, even downloading one.

Or two.

Okay, three.

Ah, reading. You know, I used to read so much as a kid. When I was done reading for the time being, I would hide my books all over the house by shoving them under pillows, between couch cushions, below tables. This drove my mom nuts. How did she mete our her punishment? By grounding me from reading books for a week at a time.

Thank goodness for books and that my love for reading is still strong.

Except when it comes to textbooks. Nothing can put me to sleep faster than reading a heavily information-laden tome like periodontics, ugh.


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