Guilt-Free Eating: Plum Pie

I’ve never been the greatest fan of running but I know it’s a fantastic way to get one’s heart back into shape and slowly increase metabolism over time.  Having been more into academics than athletics, my overall active ability has decreased the past several years.

Long story short, I finally got sick of it and have been running these past two weeks.

At the most, I’ve taken a day off between sessions.  I run for at least two to three miles; most recently, five miles.  For someone who doesn’t like to run, that’s a major milestone: it’s the farthest I’ve ever gone without stopping.  Though, for your information, I almost passed out within ten seconds after switching to a walking pace.  My legs felt good and I’d been drinking water–I just simply ran out of sugar.

After chugging some gatorade and stretching, I was hungry.  And you know what?  I didn’t feel so bad about eating.  Dessert first, please!


That’s right: hello, homemade plum pie.


I know, plum in pie form is kind of strange.  We happened to have a bunch of them that someone dropped off at the office and they were just sitting there.  Besides: plums + a bit of sugar + pie crust = how could you go wrong?

Being my first ever homemade pie, I made the rookie mistake of forgetting to pinch and seal the top crust to the side/bottom crust–had a bit of a mess over the side of the pie plate.  But no matter, just eat a slice with some coconut whipped cream on top and you wouldn’t know the difference.


I followed Kathy’s recipe here for making the pie crust.  If you’re looking for a forgiving pie crust to try, this would be the one.  Sure, the ingredients need to be kept cold but it wasn’t as critical as with the typical crust recipe and it was surprisingly easy to make!  It turned out light, plenty of flaky layers, and easy peasy to make with a hand mixer.  (Check out her video in the link.)  I tried another recipe the following day with olive oil–it tasted great but it was very fussy and crumbled all over the place.  I may try making the first crust recipe again but experiment with coconut oil instead.

As for the plum filling?  I sliced them up, added some sugar until it looked about right, a few shakes of cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg and ground cloves,  a couple spoonfuls of corn starch, and a splash of lemon juice, all mixed until evenly dispersed.  Baked at 350 deg F for 55 min, let cool for about 30 min.

Oh yes, I had to brush the pie top with almond milk and sprinkle on a bit of sugar.

If I remember right, I think I only had pie for dinner that night.  And I didn’t feel guilty about it at all.


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