A new kind of breakfast scramble

Since I started making tofu scrambles years ago, I haven’t looked back at eggs nor do I miss them.  Unfortunately since I’m trying to stay away from any sort of added fats, plant-based or otherwise, tofu is currently out the door as a regular nutritional substance.  (Almost half the calories from tofu is from fat!  I’m still blown away by that tidbit.)  Thankfully I bought Isa’s most recent book, Isa Does It, and she included a scrambled chickpea recipe.

IMG_3185Scrambled chickpeas and simple Italian sausages with no added oil

The scramble is very basic but I would never have thought to use chickpeas in place of tofu (or eggs)!  It simply consists of caramelized onions, a bit of salt, tumeric, black pepper, garlic, lemon juice, and dill.  Who would’ve thunk?

Of course we had some tortillas laying around (maybe not completely oil free) so our meal quickly turned into breakfast wraps with the addition of fresh cherry tomatoes and spinach.



Although I won’t turn my nose up at sweets, I’m definitely more of a savory gal and I’ve been missing a good morning scramble.  I’m so glad Isa was creative enough to think outside of the box and use chickpeas instead of the usual tofu.

Later that morning we took off for the local golf course to do a bit of sledding.  I’d say we burned off a few calories hiking up that hill.  The furry white mutt wasn’t that thrilled about being a passenger but he had a blast chasing us down!



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