After 2+ years of no new posts, I finally resurrected my blog again in September 2013.  I originally began it while in dental school, hence the title–with four years of education for a doctoral degree that deals primarily with teeth, I figured it would teach me a life lesson or two.  Unfortunately, life got really busy halfway through school and my posts eventually dried up after a year or so.


Before, I used this blog to write about what was on my mind at the time–school, food, dogs, knitting, life in general–and plan to continue to do the same again.  Being a natural introvert, I’m not that great at speaking on a whim.  But if you give me time to write?  I can be more eloquent and even as precise or as verbose as I want to be.  Essentially, this is my writing outlet.


I would still call myself a new-ish DDS.  It’s a constant learning process.  Besides, since I’ve been a professional student all my life until recently, I still like learning and will always do so.


We have a couple of dogs.  Our first love is our greyhound, a retired racer.  A friend eventually asked us to take his little white furry mutt.  Thankfully, they get along.  Not that I have anything against cats, but I’m rather allergic to their dander.


I love eating vegan and vegetarian foods.  I grew up mostly vegetarian, so I’m used to that.  Having family members who are a physician and nurse and are big into the CHIP Program, we started eating vegan for our health (like 99% of the time) at home.  Have you heard of The China Study or the documentary Forks Over Knives?  I’m not going to push a vegan or vegetarian diet on anyone, but I’ve found that vegan eating is just as tasty and satisfying as an omnivorous one!  So why not eat that way if it’s been proven to be healthier?


I occasionally delve into fiber crafts, primarily knitting.  I’ve done a bit of Romanian point lace before, a wee bit of crocheting when I have to, and have a lot of fun with non-traditional cross stitching.


Growing up in southern California, I’m a city girl at heart.  If only you could take away the masses, smog, and ridiculous traffic, I would enjoy living there much more.  As it is, the hubs and I have moved to Montana to make our mark for the time being and, surprisingly, I actually like living away from the city.

Lastly, I do enjoy taking pictures–a lot of them.  I used to lug around a brick-sized point-and-shoot Kodak film camera in high school (yes, all my friends called it The Brick).  I do like taking pictures with a fancy SLR camera, but ever since smart phone cameras started getting better in quality, that’s mostly what I take pictures with these days.


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    • Nice! Just was browsing your blog, you will have a major leg up on dental school by doing the kind of volunteering you’re doing. Just fyi, I really wish I had taken the Kolbe Index before dental school (it’s like a personality test but it actually tests your actions versus character/personality). Since I’ve taken it after starting in private practice with the hubs, it’s helped me figure out myself so much better and why I like doing certain things and really don’t like others!

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