Stripe after stripe

At the start of christmas break, I made a bunch of neckwarmers and had a lot of leftover yarn.

What to do with it? Make striped arm warmers:

wrist warmers

I made these some time ago during the later portion of christmas vacation. Ever since I got back to school, I’ve used them more on a daily basis than I thought I would. It’s mostly because I ride my bicycle to school. I hate when a cold draft comes up my jacket sleeve and ends up chilling my core during my less than 5 minute commute.

wrist warmerswrist warmers

wrist warmers

Because it’s 100% wool, it’s a smidge itchy. On the other hand, it gets the job done. And I love the stripes. I wanted to make thicker stripes but was never happy with how they turned out. I finally looked up a video where Eunny Jang demonstrates single stripes that don’t jog. I took the idea, ran with it, and was satisfied with the results.

What can I say? I love knitting and it’s endless possibilities.


How I Binge

Yes. I said the the word “binge.”

The catch? My binging has nothing to do with alcohol.

I think it was some time in junior high or high school that I started to notice a pattern regarding things that I couldn’t stop thinking about. It started with some sort of Nintendo Donkey Kong game that I just couldn’t stop playing. It was all I could think about doing. As soon as I woke up, I wanted to play. As soon as I was done eating, I wanted to play. As soon as I got home from school, the store, running errands, I wanted to play.

I was obsessed.

After about two weeks of having this complete and utter fixation of mine, it went away. I stopped completely, cold turkey. I had no interest to pick up the game afterward and have never done so since then.

It was then I realized: my obsessions have a trend. They’re more of binging periods, really. Binging that lasts no longer than two weeks long.

Who in the world has a prescribed and predetermined binging period? Well, I do, apparently.

Nowadays, I can catch myself in the middle of a binge. Sometimes if it’s regarding an object I want to buy, I’ll find myself thinking about it often. I’ll realize I’m checking the website and looking at it over and over again. Sometimes I can hold out past the two weeks, get past the weakness of that binging period and end up not buying some things. Other times I’m bad and give in.

I suppose this is considered more as coveting something, right? Hmm.

As for things I like to do, my binging also lasts for a couple of weeks at a time. Somewhat recently, it had to do with knitting. During this last christmas vacation that lasted only a couple of weeks (read: two weeks), I found myself knitting the same project, cranking it out one after another. I enjoy small projects because it means more instant gratification than, oh, for example a sweater like one I started almost two years ago and have yet to finish.

In this case though, it was like I couldn’t stop. I actually made three of them in a row! When I wasn’t christmas shopping, I was knitting. When I woke up in the morning, I wanted to knit. When I wasn’t eating, I picked up my needles.

See the trend?

thermis nr.1thermis nr.1

thermis nr.2

thermis nr.3thermis nr.3

Yeah. Then I stopped cold turkey.

As long as dental school doesn’t fall in this category, I should be okay, right?

I guess I only like dental school. That must be the difference.