The calm before the storm

I can’t believe I only did one post last week. I was full of good intentions to post something on Friday but…oh well, life happens!

The past five days or so have been busy. Andrew’s brother and sister came to visit at sort of separate times, I studied a lot, concrete was poured in our backyard, we had dinner with others on Friday evening, Andrew and his sister left for Arizona to race in an Xterra off-road triathlon, and did I mention studying? Oh yeah, of course there was the demolition of the ghetto screen room at the back of our house:

demolition, pt.3

demolition, pt.1demolition, pt.5

demolition, pt.4

The metal scraps of the roof, cardboard walls (yes, they were only made of cardboard inside) and all sorts of junk now sit in a pile on our backyard grass and filling the little walkway beside our house. But at least that ugly room is gone–!

demolition, pt.6

Earlier last week, Andrew and his younger brother also built a fence that will connect the house and garage. It’s heavy as heck (I can’t even budge it). Thankfully it’ll be attached like crazy with hinges and will roll on some casters.

making a new gate

I’m kind of going backwards through last week, don’t mind me. On Memorial Day, we went and saw something totally awesome: Star Wars in Concert.

star wars in concert, pt.4

I know, I know, I really am a nerd deep down inside. (Okay, all you really have to do is scratch the surface to discover that.) I don’t have as, oh, deep of feelings for the films like hard core fan does, but I do enjoy them. What I love the most from the entire Star Wars saga is the music. Ah, John Williams…if I could only someday write a theme and corresponding orchestration that is as memorable as what he does, my life would be complete. What can I say: I’m a sucker for orchestra movie soundtracks, especially one as great as this.

There was a full orchestra, choir, a ginormous screen, LED lights, lasers, fog machines…way too cool. Not to mention, Anthony Daniels, the voice and body of C-3PO, was the host for the evening. As the program led through the stories from the six films, clips of the movie where played on the screen with a precise accompaniment from the orchestra and choir. Being a choir and orchestra junkie, I found myself watching them most of the time–I had to keep reminding myself to watch the screen, too.

When we first got there, it was fun (and funny) to see people dressed up for the concert: several princess Leias, young and old Jedi knights, storm troopers, kids with light sabers, etc. For those who didn’t dress up, they were wearing some sort of Star Wars paraphernalia that they had, no matter how new or old it was. Since my brother is a pretty die hard fan, I was fully expecting him to wear some sort of shirt. From a distance, it looked quite normal and I was disappointed. As he got closer, I realized I was quite wrong

star wars in concert, pt.3

and then mentally shook myself for doubting him. Of course he’d wear something that wouldn’t rock the boat too much but rather would be recognized as being a fan by those “in the know”.

After all the brothers posed for a quick picture,

star wars in concert, pt.2

we ran inside and found our seats. At first we were a bit disappointed–the speakers were right in the middle of the screen:

star wars in concert, pt.5

As we sat there scanning the many open seats in the upper tiers and planning a move after the ticket people left, we were approached by one of the managers. He told us that they didn’t even realize that the section we were sitting in would be blocked by the speakers until that day and had tickets to freely exchange for floor seats; would we like some?

Uh, sure!

star wars in concert, pt.6

Much better.

star wars in concert, pt.7

star wars in concert, pt.9

Needless to say, it was fabulous.

Now, a week later, after all the hoo-haa, busyness, and running about, it is the calm before the storm: final exams start tomorrow. Of all things, they start with one of our biggest subjects for the quarter, pharmacology. This is a very important subject, mind you, but quite a daunting one to learn since all of it is simply rote memorization. And coming up with many dumb, silly, and even slightly scandalous stories (okay, I can only think of one, really) to link all the bits of information together. The stories we came up with really are retarded–I’m too embarrassed to even share any of them. Oddly enough, they work.

Considering the time, I better get to bed to give these crazy stories a chance to solidify and to be filed away properly in my brain.


My Valentine

Hi, hon.

We started dating what seems like a long time ago, more than eight years ago. Since there was no official date, we both eventually agreed on an official month, November 2001. (Or is it October?)

our weddingour wedding

After a school year spent apart in a long-distance relationship and then your move down to Southern California for school to be closer to me, you eventually had the chance to ask me to marry you.

Of course I said yes.

our wedding

Though neither of us are perfect, I still believe what I’ve always said: you’re a keeper. Through thick or thin, with occasional tears of sadness and bouts of ridiculous laughter, I am yours. Period.

our wedding

Is this getting too sappy for you? Well, it doesn’t matter either way. I still mean it, hon.

You’re my valentine.